Toby Landau QC selected as arbitrator to oversee Brexit

4 January, 2021

Toby Landau QC has been selected for a panel of arbitrators appointed to hear disputes arising from the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement.

The panel of 25 arbitrators, who have been selected by the Joint Committee for Brexit, has been established to hear any disputes arising from the withdrawal of the UK and Northern Ireland from the European Union. They will arbitrate disputes arising under the Withdraw Agreement, which was concluded in October 2019. The complex agreement establishes the terms of the UK’s separation from the EU in accordance with Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union.

Tribunals hearing disputes under the Withdrawal Agreement will consist of 5 arbitrators drawn from the agreed panel of 25 arbitrators.

According to the decision, the arbitrators were chosen as “persons whose independence is beyond doubt, who possess the qualification required for appointment to the highest judicial office in their respective countries or who are jurists of recognised competence, and who possess specialised knowledge or experience of Union law and public international law.”

For more information and for the full list see here.